Saturday, 30 November 2013

Protoshares CPU Solo Mining Ubuntu easy setup



Protoshare is very new - 3 weeks old (!) at the time of this post with a difficulty that is not even worth mentioning

I decided to start mining it and wait to see it rise. Things look promising with this one as it is impossible to mine with GPU and FPGA so it will be good to mine for a few months and get some thousands hopefully.

So, I will mine the usual way, using a digital Ocean droplet.
Digital Ocean in case you don't know offers you on demand linux systems.
You can have a linux machine working in a few minutes just by visiting the link , paying them 5 USD upfront, following my tutorial, and start mining. You can use the lowest machine for now.
Get your hands on a droplet in digital ocean or any other Ubuntu 13 x64 and start mining.
This guide will be very short as you can use my .sh script to setup protoshares mining on a fresh Ubuntu from scratch.

Every time you reboot your server or droplet it will recompile the newest client from the gituhub repo and will start mining!

So, login as root and then :

  1. wget
  2. chmod 755
  3. ./
Then just sit back watch the compiling and a nice status page with your stats.

To set the miner to send you coins to your main waller open another session (right click putty - duplicate session, login) run this :

  1. ./protosharesd sendtoaddress BmEDtZzGbjGvbRmQZdPUTHFWsQkMBJA51J 500   
(replace your address and the number of coins to send)

If you have any doubts about what you are running check my source code at :

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  1. The script complains that you need to create a .protoshares/protoshare.conf and add your user & password. The url for the wget for this protoshare.conf file is 404. I created one and gave it the correct permissions, but you might want to either put the file up on server for wget, or change the script to create this script manually.